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Winter Camping Symposium “Zoom”?

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  • Winter Camping Symposium “Zoom”?

    Has anyone given thought to a sort of virtual WCS? Some of the presentations might lend themselves very well to a “zoom” type format I’d think Just a thought...

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    Haggis - I think your idea has merit. Since so many people are still staying home, this could be a good way to share information. And, for some of us who live so far from where these events typically take place, it might be the only way we'd ever be able to attend. Not sure what the next step would be in setting something like this up but it would be great if someone with more tech savvy than I might consider doing it.

    That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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      My family, “The Clan”, meets via zoom, and I look over Herself’s shoulder. Sometimes Herself will hide out in the spare bedroom whilst she and daughter or two will work on some crocheting project together. Got me to thinking that someone here might want to host a sort of “Zoom-in” where they would be doing much of what happens at the WCS, but without the crowd.

      Just a thought, and there are some sharp folk floating around here who might be interested... Change with the times or get left behind I reckon, and right now, the times are telling us to keep our distances,,, not saying anything though about some forms of social media...

      Take care out there Snapper...


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        One thing to keep in mind is that unless you have one of the “pro” Zoom accounts, your meeting will be limited to 40 minutes. Nothing says you can’t start another one right after though. So each presenter could have 40 minutes and the meeting would just have to be re-started after each presentation.


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          They're good ideas and have been discussed. The plan was to just take the year off due to covid.