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  • Coldfeet here!

    Hi everyone, same here, was on Winter trekking before and loved reading all the posts and seeing pictures when possible. NYC guy here that somehow fell in love with winter camping and trying new ideas. So glad to see many familiar names, glad everyone is well.
    Last February I went with friend pulling our gear for 2 miles then walked back with sled to get our firewood and biobricks, uhhhh. Few weeks ago i bought one of those light weight tee pees and ti stove to make life a bit easier. I love my snowtrekker tent and big kni stove but not enough exercise is hurting me.
    Sorry, I talk to much.
    Teaching 3rd grade remote NYC students and we are learning about the Athabascans and a cool story The Year of Miss Agnes. It's all winter and North living and words, so nice. oh yea, I'll be setting up gear at school in 2 weeks for winter gear demo...just can't make smores on school property, but I'm trying a new idea..
    Also reading a book about the wolves in Isle's a fiction story that does make one nervous. ummm, hope there wasn't a limit on introductions...I'm sorry, oh I'm also know as "knish" so when we meet up guess what i'll be bringing along to share? Bagels just get to hard in the winter. Best to all..

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    So long as you don't cackle it's all good. Welcome from another transplant


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        Coldfeet - Good to see you here. Glad you were able to get the confusion cleared up so you're on the forum with the rest of us holdovers from Winter Trekking. You're right...lots of familiar names and faces so let the good times roll!

        That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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          Coldfeet is here..! Does that mean the bar has been raised.... or lowered?!

          Good to see you here, friend.


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            Welcome! glad to have you here!