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    I live in Michigan lower, just getting back into winter camping at 64 years old. Enjoyed it during the holidays now looking for more.

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    On another note looking at purchase Octa peak 6 person tipi and need advice for stove to accommodate it, input appreciated. Currently looking towards Fulton/tentsme steel stove but I see they have a small and medium size, uncertain which size to go with.


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      Welcome! We're glad you found us here!

      It may come down to other factors but I'd run the bigger of the two stoves for a couple of reasons. You can always dial back a big stove but when you really need the heat, it's tough to keep the small one running full blast all the time. In a tipi I do like how much stove pipe is in the tent, this makes better use of the heat so you "may" be able to get by with the smaller stove. Larger stove is nicer when cooking and cutting logs. Good luck on your purchase, show us how well it works when you get it. 😎


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        Welcome! Bigger is better when in doubt with a woodstove.



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          Graf - First off, welcome to the forum. Good to have you here. As for what stove to there a reason you're not interested in the unit recommended by Luxe? If my knowledge of the shelter you're looking at is accurate, I believe Luxe has a stove they feel is appropriate for that tipi. The last I looked at their site, they even sold the shelter & stove together at a slight discount if you purchase them at the same time. Even if you already have the shelter, you can still purchase the stove from them; which, I'm sure, they'll be happy to sell you 😁

          That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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            One more reason for going a little bigger with your stove is so that you can effectively burn less-than-optimal wood. I encourage you to maximize the volume of your pipe too (by adding length, rather than width) so you can pull all the oxygen into that firebox that you might ever want!

            Kind of exciting to be getting a new set of gear together, eh?!