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    Fairly new to winter camping, but love the winter. Been a hunter all my life, and camped on more than a few outings, but not a lot of mid winter trips. Hoping as my kids get older I'll be able to get them more involved.

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    Getting the kiddos involved with winter camping is a difficult one. So far I've noticed. Keep them warm, dry and fed. The rest will follow!


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      Originally posted by hh76
      Hoping as my kids get older I'll be able to get them more involved.
      If we can get enough snow in WI, building a quinzee in the backyard would be so much fun for a kid (even if they don't sleep in it overnight until they are older)


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        You've got it, hh76! Warm, dry, fed, and mine were happiest when their interests took center stage some of the time.
        I remember when my daughter cared less about helping gather firewood, but the "fairy's glade" over by the creek was worthy of literally hours of fascination and continuous storytelling! She's 29 now and still mentions that weekend. She loved it when we turned the headlamps on low, took them off our heads, and she got to place them in the snow around special places where the "fairies would need them more than we do, dad !"
        Well, of course, they did.
        Welcome to the Forum.