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  • Hi

    Hello everyone, to new and old names. I recognise quite a few. ๐Ÿ–

    I'm Peter, a member from the old Wintertrekking and on hammock forums as Turnerminator

    I'm a massive winter trekking fan, love hauling sled in the wilderness, make my own gear, a Mountain leader, an Arctic hammocker (broke Shugs record years ago), trail runner, like a bit of fat biking, love photography, love skiing the frozen parts of the world.

    Every winter (the last one excepted for obvios reasons), I head to Scotland and Scandinavia to get my fix of endless frozen water, the utter quiet and unrelenting beauty of deep winter.

    See you all in the threads !

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    Welcome! Glad to see another soul wiling away the summer days on a winter camping forum. Sweden is on my short list of places to visit in winter. I have a couple of friends and some relatives (I've not met )from there, but I'm afraid that if I went, I might find it hard to leave! Also glad to see another hammock hanger here, although I retreat to the hot tent in winter now. You and Shug can take turns swinging for the coldest hang fence. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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      Yep my favourite time of the years is white season, even if Australia is wet white most of the time. Welcome to the fire, sit a while, enjoy a drink and tell us some tales


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        Welcome aboard and hopefully we'll get to tap into your winter camping knowledge here.


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          Hello, Peter! It is really cool what you love to do in winter. And I love camping in winter. It is some sort of challenge for me. When you travel several days, it is cold, especially at night when it is even colder and dark, but I take my favorite lantern, my phone and camera to shoot some cool snowy photos, also I take a bag with food and first aid, and I take a tent to have a place to sleep at night. I do enjoy the night time when youโ€™re lying in your tent and everything around you is dark, you can see only sky and a light from your LED lantern. This feeling of โ€œhard timesโ€ makes me feel stronger and better, such a cool free time or vacation spending!
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            Welcome to the fire!



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              Hi Pete, nice to see you here.