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    So glad to find this site and chat with like-minded people who don't think I'm crazy for camping during winter. I live in a small rural town in east-central Ohio and I have pretty much lived here my entire life. I am a sixth-grade math teacher and this is my 29th year of teaching. I love my job and really can't imagine doing anything else for a living. I love camping, fishing, hunting, hiking - basically anything in the great outdoors!!! I am married and have 3 beautiful girls - yes, that does mean that I am usually flat broke!!!!! Really looking forward to this site.

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    Welcome from a fellow educator and winter camping nut. I tried to explain my winter fun to a colleague today and he couldn't get past the idea of not taking a shower everyday - much less everything else involved in "roughing it."


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      Welcome to the site from another newcomer.

      I'm always broke too but can only blame myself.


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        They say that private tuition is now available to all, is this true?


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          Today, when the government announced the allocation of 1 billion pounds for education, private tuition became more affordable than ever. But this can only be a temporary solution to a much more severe problem—charitable organizations such as There are also several charities looking for ways to make learning more accessible to everyone. One of the ideas is to keep access to government-funded tutoring. This could potentially come in the form of need-based vouchers, a program that will allow all students access high-quality tutoring regardless of their family income.
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            Welcome aboard! I am a new member myself. I am kind of glad most people think we are a little crazy …. It’s kind of nice to have a whole campground to yourself. I have one daughter myself best thing ever! I’m trying to get her out winter camping this year I’ve got her to go canoe camping with me many times and I know she would love it.


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              Welcome! Yea we're all in the crazy bucket together here. I was breaking ice on the Mississippi river today....soon enough!!!