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  • Hello & Thank You from Garage Logic, MN

    Hello All,

    I'm a relative Newb, I'd guess you would say. Picked up a used 10 x 13, Expedition Shortwall SnowTrekker last fall after attending my 1st Winter Camping Symposium in 2019.
    I'm not new to winter activities, nor to camping and back country camping. I'd been on the sidelines, interested in hot tent winter camping for some time. When I saw the tent I have now for sale, I jumped on it.

    I'm really looking forward to the 2020 Winter Camping Symposium and plan to camp for the entire event. I pray things will be able to move forward !!!! I look forward to filling out the rest of my kit. I plan to build a sled and slowly work on all the pieces. I'm also a Boundary Waters Canoe Area guy for the past 30yrs and have made many trips to the rocky mountains for back country snowmobiling. So, between those to activities, I have plenty of gear to adapt w/o rushing out and spending money on gear. My general plan is to just "get out there" figure out what works, what doesn't and enjoy the ride !

    One thing that draws me to the BWCA and to Winter Camping is simplicity. Slow life down, immerse in your immediate surroundings, survival and relaxation. Life's too fast and these activities really serve to recenter and re-energize!

    "Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify." - Thoreau

    That about sums it up in one sentence... embrace the pause, simplify !!


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    Glad to have you here! The BWCA is a very special place. We hope to see you at the winter camping symposium if we are able to have it.


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      Welcome. Recenter, re-energize, I like it.👍👍