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  • Hey, from Northern Wi

    Hey WCS Forum,

    I’ve really enjoyed and have learned a ton of this forum cruising various topics. It’s been a lot of fun seeing what works for folks, little tricks and now I finally made a profile! I look forward to participating here.

    I’m pretty “new” to winter camping specifically, but man I have a burning fire inside that is looking to break into it. Most of my camping no doubt has been in the spring/summer/fall. I have used a T-P hot tent for a couple years during long hike in spike camps elk hunting out west, and also fall musky fly fishing over night floats. Truly looking forward to winter.

    Currently I reside in Nw WI; I am a full time fishing/fly fishing guide, and I also guide ice anglers in the winter. I’ve operated my guide service for 7yrs. I feel very lucky to call my guiding a “job”, and to call home in the northwoods.

    I’m only a hour or so from the Symposium, but I’m booked solid in October with musky anglers(hopefully I can block off that weekend sometime). Yet I live maybe 20mins from the Winter Rendezvous down at Sawmill Campground! Which I plan to attend, especially if I can get my first true winter hot tent this season.

    Looking forward to learning more, and making connections here and beyond.

    Happy Thanksgiving too folks!