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  • Newbie - can't wait to dig into this site

    I grew up in northern Minnesota. Live outside the Twin Cities now. Did a hike into a local park quite a few years back to try winter camping with a friend. No stove. Wasn't too cold, maybe 15 degrees at night. Overall it went well. But, I love ice fishing and snowmobiling...and want to combine the 2 to get back to some remote trout lakes. Last year I bought 2 of those old-style steel dog sleds that you pull behind snowmobiles (everybody had them when I was growing up). Completely refinished one in anticipation of camping. Plan to refinish the other this fall.

    Most importantly, over the weekend I just bought a 10x12 canvas Coleman tent that already has an aluminum stove pipe installed on a wall. No poles. $15. I'm totally pumped. So, now I need to figure out the best frame. I know of the kits for the angle brackets, but this style tent doesn't need that type of frame (and those are really expensive). So, I think I'm just going to do 1" conduit. I have a pipe bender to make the corners.

    I attached 2 pics of what my setup will look like. That's not my tent or sled, but they look identical (actually my sled looks much nicer).

    I'm an engineer so I do my research and ask a lot of questions, of which I'm sure I'll have a pile of.
    Click image for larger version

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    Awesome! I had a tent that looked very similar to that. They're very sturdy.

    Glad to have you here!


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      Welcome! Great looking classic set up!