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    Morning all. I have very limited gravitation toward online groups, but the last couple of years have proved to me that the areas that I truly enjoy are in their nature, soloish. Done often alone, but not always, but when done it is with a small band of like minded folks.
    Camping is fun, but I have been pushing myself each year to enjoy more outdoor time. As it is I do not work in a cubicle and get to appreciate it daily. The ability to head out and run quiet and secluded is not easy to do, I like to work on different aspects of my outdoor time. Peace and quiet are a cherished commodity, that is until I go on shooting trips!🤣
    Anyway, hello.
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    I could use a little help figuring out how to enlargen the posted picture instead of it being a thumbnail. I am playing around with my post...I'll eventually figure it out.
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      Hello! glad to have you here. Your post is both a thumbnail and large image. If you just drag and drop an image into the text box it will post the larger version.