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  • Hello from Manitoba

    First of all, thanks to the group starting up and running this forum. I'm sure there will be many great contributions to this site that will help fellow winter camping enthusiasts.

    I'm not really a traditional winter camper that drags the toboggan through thigh deep snow anymore. My transport now is a wide track skandic ski doo. However I love winter camping and usually get 2 or 3 good trips in every winter with the ole Snotrekker and 4 dog stove. Hopefully my non traditional ways will be tolerated here!

    I've been winter camping since my teens, from quinzees and snowshoes to dogsleds and sleeping in the sled, I've loved every trip. Almost 30 years later I still can't get enough of quiet still winter nights in the bush.


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    Hey FlytocCamp! Maybe we can welcome each other!
    Today is my first visit to this site (thanks to Bothwell Voyageur!!!).
    I too am very happy to see it come online, and I share your enthusiasm for the future potential of the combined wisdom and experience of posting members.
    Surely your motorized travel will be more than "tolerated"! Members will strive to include and discuss respectfully, I am sure.
    We will all benefit from this approach!


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      Welcome! Of course you're tolerated here! 😀All of us have different levels of traditionalism and what traditional means to us. Glad to have you.