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  • Tim from Kitchener Ontario

    Hi everyone, I am a year round tripper who does most things that fit the "Human powered multi day travel" description. I love cold and hot tent camping.

    The last few winters I have been doing week+ long solo trips in Algonquin and Temagami. I like to move camp rather than set up a base camp. I use a mix of modern and traditional techniques; for example 60" wooden snowshoes and light nylon teepee.

    I organize the KW Backountry Travel MeetUp with which I do a fair number of winter trips as well as teaching cold camping. If you are in the KW area feel free to get in touch, I am always interested in meeting fellow travelers.

    On the weekdays I work in IT doing various things, coding, operations, security, etc.

    Thank you for setting these forums up. Hopeful we can rekindle the fire from WinterTrekking, it was a special community of enthusiasm and knowledge.

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    G;Day from Australia and another transferee from the WT forums


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      Welcome! Glad to have you here!