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  • Howdy from Minnesota

    ​Been living in Minnesota the last five years, and have taken a few winter trips to the BWCA so far. Looking forward to exploring some other areas as well over the next few winters (I hear the Porkies in the UP are a nice winter spot, so that's certainly on the list). My style: I'm generally pretty mobile - learned my winter camping moving through the mountains. Sled hauling was new to me upon moving here, but I've got a comfortable homemade system down after dedicating a first solo trip to figuring out everything I had built wrong, and then rebuilding. Winter trips have been solo so far - haven't yet convinced my three season friends to cross that line. I'm a cold tenter - another remnant of learning in the context of moving through the mountains. Part of me is afraid to try hot tenting because I'm not I'd ever want to go back after that! I'm sure I will one of these days. For me, in the end, I'm generally out there because I just like to be outside, enjoy nice views, and everything looks quite nice in winter!

    Seems like a good set of forums. Looking forward to spending some time here.

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    Welcome! You're one of those hardcore cold tenters! 😀 I'm in the same boat as you. Not many of my friends that live locally are interested in winter camping. They think it's interesting but that's as far as it goes. Solo for me the majority of the time and it's not because I seek being alone.

    Glad to have you here!