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Hi everybody.

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  • Hi everybody.

    Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me from WinterTrekking and Mew Lake, for those that don't my name is Jim. I have been absent for a few years, but after talking to Brian tonight and being directed here I though I would say hello to Howard, Don, Dwayne and Marion and whoever else I may be forgetting.

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    Welcome, Jim! We've never met but hello and howdy hey, anyway!

    I'm curious about the tent in your photo. Teepee style with an external frame?


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      I am not sure the rules on posting links to commercials sites. It is a Dave Ellis Canvas 10 x 10 Range Tent in 7oz canvas. It has no awning (in hind sight that would be a good option) and no floor, it has a vinyl sod cloth, and a 3" stove jack with flap on the rear. The frame is 3/4" aluminium thick wall tubing that I cut into 3' sections then machined tube joiners, bases and a top hinge so the whole works shock cords together like a giant commercial tent pole. These poles are then hooked to the top loop of the tent that is normally used to suspend the tent from a tree branch, set on the ground then tied with built in tie points on each side to open up the living space and give the poles stability. The tent can be erected with an internal pole, an external bipod, or over a tree branch. I like the design as the ceiling is over 9' and I can hang a lantern and not wack my noggin on it, and being a pyramid design it sheds the wind and is much easier to heat. However, the sloped sides being canvas are supposed to shed water, but I would feel more comfortable with some sort of nylon fly, and the tent is not free standing so must be pinned down at a minimum in the four corners; I use nine surplus snow stakes in deep snow or nine 8" common nails with fender washers.


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        Welcome!! Glad to have you here. 😀

        links to commercial sites are fine. Only time when I draw the line is when a user may only post links and appears too spammy, no worries. pull up a chair and enjoy yourself here.