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Short Adirondack NY trip 12/27-12/29

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  • Short Adirondack NY trip 12/27-12/29

    Up near Lake Placid NY is the high peaks area with many 4K’s
    There is an area called Heart Lake that is located next to the ADKLOJ and you can car camp in the woods a few feet away from the plowed road. The cost is app $25 per night for 2 people and 2 tents.
    I went there 2016 after getting the Snowtrekker and have gone back 2 other times since then. For me it’s the best of both worlds .
    Indian Chris brought his traditional civil war style tent and we ended up sharing a site.
    weather just seems to be cloudy and then cool, light drizzle and windy.
    warm temps created frozen slush. Micro spikes were used for hikes.
    We group cooked outside and sat socially distanced inside his tent. It was boring cooking inside by myself for breakfast.
    we went on some short hikes. I took school pictures to send to my students.
    It seems next year I need to go further north for cooler temps and snow. It was about 350 miles one way from the NYC area.

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      That's pretty cool, do they use the campground at the Loj or is there a different area?


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        Good to be in the cold north air! I camped a bit south of you that weekend and struggled with my tent stakes...tied off to rocks,logs and snow and the recent rain created a rock solid frozen ground.


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          Thanks for the report Coldfeet! I know you head up that way during the holiday week each year so it's good to see your streak is alive and well.

          That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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            Awesome! I'm glad you were able to get out. I enjoyed your report and the pics, thanks for taking me along.

            Edited to comment on the lack of snow. There should be 3' on the ground up there by now. What the heck?

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              Hello Cold feet: Nice pictures.! Congrats on getting out for a trip. Thanks for sharing.

              Take care,
              Cousin Pete