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great conditions in Algonquin

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  • great conditions in Algonquin

    I was going to post this on wintertrekking but found out it's down, and maybe this site will replace it so here goes. It was a moderate weekend called in the forecast so took a quick trip to Algonquin. I hadn't been camping this early in January in quite a while, and the conditions had never been memorably good, but expectations were greatly exceeded this year. The snowpack is in mid-winter form, deep enough to cover all ground debris and obstructions, and the ice cover looks ok. A lot of stuff I'd expect to be frozen by now isn't, ie anything with any measurable current, and almost none of the ground water like little drainages on the hillsides is frozen, but otherwise it's great, glad I didn't wait.

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    Glad you got out. Thanks for sharing the update!



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      Awesome, it's nice to hear about the conditions in other areas. We've had a warm winter so far, here in central, NY. We did get a couple feet of snow earlier, but it warmed up and melted it off. We only have three or four inches on the ground now and very little ice anywhere.

      I'm glad to hear that you have better conditions north. Hope you're able to get out and enjoy them. Thanks for the update.



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        _K.: Congrats on getting out!

        Take care,
        Cousin Pete


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          Well, I got just one more trip in before the lockout, last weekend. Got some nice snowfall on Saturday as seen in this photo and video, if I can manage to attach them.

          I was accompanied by dozens and dozens of snow-mobbilers on the drive home Sunday. Those good folks aren't locked out of their crown land trails like I've been locked out of Algonquin, so I'm going to have to take a page from their book and see about some crown land camping for the remainder of the lockout. Winter's not what it used to be; unlike game of thrones winter is going not coming, and i'm not missing this year because a bunch of authorities who have made their fair share of mistakes along the way continue to think that solo winter camping is a high risk factor for covid.