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    I’ve got a 17 day solo through the BWCA planned for this season. Crane Lake to either Fall Lake or if time permits, Moose Lake. My concerns are these: 56 Rapids on the Loon River, Bottle Rapids, Curtain Falls, Wheelbarrow Falls, Upper/Lower Basswood Falls. Looking to hear from anyone who has been through these areas in the winter. I’ve been to some of these places, but in the summer. Advice, tips, route or re-route suggestions are all welcome. I’ve reached out to Emily Ford, who did a complete crossing last winter, and she provided some insight and a copy of her CalTopo route.
    This will be my longest trek to date, the longest up to this point was 7 days, Snowbank Lake (Ely side) to Round Lake (Gunflint side).
    Thank you very much my friends….

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    Hello Gunny!
    This trip of yours sounds wonderful! I hope you have ice conditions and snow depths that make travel safe and easy. I was thinking you might reach out to these folks who have spent a year in BWCA. Dave and Amy may have time to respond to more specific questions.

    I hope you share a post-trip report, Gunny.