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  • Out for a night

    So I got a friend of mine introduced into hot tents on a outing a few weeks ago and the next thing you know he is buying a tent and stove off of Amazon to get his feet truly wet.
    Friday it was time to go out and see how his stuff works.
    Temps were just above freezing by day and maybe a touch below for the night. Had a previous foot of heavy wet snow and a little extra as a base in the open.
    He managed to cook himself out of a good sleep hahahahahaha so he has some learnings to do regarding temp control relative to how he likes to sleep.
    I had my hammock and he used a cot with a -29 bag.
    Despite his poor sleep, he is hooked in and I can see a cotton tent in his future for them -30c nights we can get.
    Oh this is in Terrace BC.
    Plan is for 2 nights this coming weekend being it is a long weekend in the great white north with similar temps in the forecast. (very little "cold" weather for 2023)

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    The "winter that wasn't" definitely put a crimp in my plans to challenge myself. As the weeks go by, it seems like I'll have to wait until next winter.

    Did you backpack the equipment and rigs to your spot? Photo shows only snowshoe tracks and no tire tracks.


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      We drove in ...11km from town and 1km off the plowed forest service road.
      Last yr we were up to 4-5' of white at this spot....this yr at best 16" Pic shows us in the same area last yr with each rig on 37's.