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Steak and potatoes!

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  • Steak and potatoes!

    I won’t presume to teach you how to cook a steak, but my daughter and I ate pretty well last weekend!

    REAL food is one of my favorite things about winter camping... I eat a lot of freeze-dried meals on the summer camping trips!

    I cooked the T-bone in the skillet on top of the stove while carrots and potatoes roasted in the “oven” (just inside the stove door, with a good bed of coals).

    A little butter and Lawry’s Seasoning on the veggies. Salt and fresh ground black pepper on the steak!

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    Click image for larger version

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    I dig it! Eating real food while winter camping is the unsung hero of the whole trip, perhaps more than no bugs.

    Thanks for sharing, looks tasty.


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      I agree! Love the additional exercise of hauling sled and breaking trial as an excuse for hearty eating! Another bonus is the core heat these types of food provide well into the night.
      Great pics.
      BV would suggest a chaser of butter tarts just to round things out!
      I would agree!


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        No butter tarts on hand; but we made do with the donuts we hauled in from Tobies!


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          Yummy.....yep, real food...I like your balancing candle..


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            A mistake to visit the pages while I am hungry today.... and starting at my stack of Lodge pans... time to try a new Quesadilla recipe I saw in the paper... (going to cheat though with the propane run house stove/oven) ... that food sure looks good.


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              I too was impressed by the candle on the stick, food looks great.


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                That does look amazing!!! I still opt for Mountain House etc…


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                  Real food, no bugs, and vertually the whole forest to myself! It is good!