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  • Food for a wraped cooking surface

    I don't know about you folks but my KinCo warps like crazy when it is hot making it hard to get much heat. One trick I found is cooking using tin-foil. I will get the heavy duty kind and it will shape to the surface of the stove and heat up fast. I use the a lot in the morning so I can get camp packed up faster.

    My favorites are

    Grilled cheese:
    • Once breakfast is ready I will throw the foil on the stove(or re-use the foil from the next recipe). I turn up the edges so nothing can roll off the edge of the foil.
    • Add a generous amount of butter and toss on both slices of bread(sour-dough!!!) and use them to spread and soak it up the butter.
    • I add as much cheese shreds as they will take (I get 1KG bags of shredded cheese from Cost-Co for my big trips).
      Click image for larger version

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    • Any "enhancements" next. I am a vegetarian but sometimes I will throw veggie "cold-cut" slices in. Last year I added a pinch of jalapeno powered.
    • Since the surface contact is so high I will pull the cool edges of the foil too-and-fro to keep things from burning until I am able to safely combine the slices.
    • I combine and flip until I reach my desired brownness.
    • When done, I take the foil I used for cooking and warp the grilled cheese up and pack it away for lunch.
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    • I also make quesadillas the same way

    Breakfast eggs:
    • I prepare the "Ova Easy" eggs and follow the directions on the package
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    • Just like the grilled cheese I put the foil down on the stove and roll up the edges to keep the eggs from running out.
    • Add a generous amount of oil and once melted pour on the eggs.
    • They mix will cook up pretty quick. I move them around on the foil to get everything cooked.
    • Pull the foil off and eat.
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    • I often hydrate veggies and add them and/or spices to the egg mix before cooking it.
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    This year I want to try dehydrated hash browns as well for breakfast.

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    Looks like a good solution to the warped stove top. I have heard of campers putting 3 to 4 quarters on a stove top to keep the pan from rocking on a slightly warped stove top. But that doesn't answer your question about maximizing heat transfer from stove top to cooking vessel.

    Where do you get your Ova Easy eggs? I was getting mine at REI on my frequent trips to the US. But that has come to an end for the foreseeable future. Are there any other Canadian retail options I've missed? I used up the last of my supply on a 12 day canoe trip in Woodland Caribou this summer.



    • #3 has Hoosier Hill Farm egg crystals. As far as I can tell they are the same as Ova Easy.


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        FlytoCamp I hadn't heard of the coin trick. I'm going to have to try that this winter, thanks. As for my OvaEasy connection, no secret tips, I am getting it the same way. I have family in the states and picked up a 12 pack last winter when I visited for the holidays.

        Bothwell Voyageur Thanks for the hint, I have seen those before and was wondering if they are any good.


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          Looks tasty! I always try to use aluminum foil for my cooking as well, sure packs well. That and foil pie pans.